"Why is Outspokenness An Aging Right?"

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Outspokenness Is An Aging Right!

Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years was a 1993 award winning biography about Sarah “Sadie” Delany and her sister Elizabeth “Bessie” Delany. It chronicled their lives together from the 1890's through the 21st century. Before their death each sister was very outspoken about their trials, tribulations and jubilee lives without abashment.

Aging seems to be a time when elders are venerated for their wisdom and who cares what people think attitude. Youthfulness brings fear about what we say and to whom we say things to. People can be labeled whiny, bitchy, or needy. But wait until AARP says we are of an age that we can join their association, then the language flood gates open wide.

It seems that the older we get, the more we feel as though we can say whatever we want and whenever we want to. No, we can't do whatever we want because the majority of us are not quite physically able to live up to that premise. We also may not have the quick mental aptitude either. However, outspokenness an aging right is very much alive and doing well in older citizens.

As elder citizens we have already been there and done that, sometimes over and over again. Our life experiences have taught us to warn, encourage and give hope to anyone who asks us a question. Yes, there are older persons who not only give you their opinions but they add a little unnecessary spice to their comments. Just remember that the verbal spice that has just tickled your ears comes from arthritic pain and a general undefined malaise feeling - nothing personal.

Who better to tell you, that when you have people throw apples at you, pick them up and make delicious applesauce to push their faces in it. Why make it delicious? Here is where saged wisdom is flaunted – you make it taste good so that they learn that sometimes in life you get the good with the bad. In a nut shell, a quote by Doris Lessing, the famed British novelist and writer sums it up, “The old watch the young with anguish, pain, fear. Above all what each has learned is what things cost and what has to be paid.”

I was with my 90 year old grandmother in a train station. A young man walked in with his trousers hanging down nearly pass is butt. Everyone in the station starred, whispered among each other, but said nothing. Not grandma, she walked over to that young man and told him to pull up his pants. Did he, yes he did, out of respect for her age.

Yes, age is a privilege extended to those who did not give up and who did not give in. Seniors have a lot to say and a short time in which to say it. Outspokenness an aging right through years of being told to be seen and not heard. Let seniors take you into their classroom for topics that cover our the dimension physics - life lived history, life's new math where 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2, and figurative English from seasoned playas!

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