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Is there an afterlife? No doubt, you've pondered the subject and perhaps searched for evidence. It's natural to want to avoid annihilation because you have an inbuilt urge to survive. Nonetheless, whether people continue, despite the death of their bodies, isn't clear. Plenty of supposed evidence exists to support or refute the idea. Until irrefutable proof surfaces, though, only you can make up your mind about what you think.

Potential scenarios

Plant fodder

Various theories suggest what happens to people when they die. One is that they stop existing apart from as microbial life while their bodies break down. The human body decomposes in the ground, becoming part of the earth. Plants may grow in the soil, and the body continues as food for vegetation.

Separate consciousness

Another idea is that consciousness is distinct from the human body, and only the body passes away. Lots of people undergo out of body experiences, or OBEs, in which they die, and so agree with the concept of life after death. When revived, some report having encountered unusual occurrences. Although their bodies were dead, their consciousness traveled through bright tunnels of light. Alternatively, they remained in the surgery and later recounted what happened there.

Such events may be described as near death experiences rather than OBEs. However, this contradicts the fact people died, albeit for a short while. Other people have near death experiences when they almost die, and again, see a tunnel. Some reach the end of the tunnel, where they say loved ones who've passed away wait to greet them.

There are also different descriptions of what occurs when the body is close to death. Some people see heaven or hell. Although, scientists suggest this relates to expectations and is a trick of the mind. Doctors often contest life after death, too, saying people's experiences result from brain deterioration.

However, if you believe in mediums, who speak to the dead, you think life continues when the body dies. Many people swear mediums are genuine, but testing their skills is hard. Similarly, if you believe in past life regression, you also think consciousness survives death.

Hypnotherapy helps people regress to earlier periods of their current lives. Some people say they've gone back further in history and remembered having lived before. Sometimes, their recollections contain verifiable information. Nonetheless, where they've picked up knowledge can't be proven.

Another notion is that the body and awareness are separate, but consciousness needs the body. During OBEs, it's proposed the body and soul are connected via a silver chord. If death occurs, the chord breaks and consciousness fades. Having said that, some people believe severance doesn't result in complete death.

Consciousness may flow back to its source when you die. Accordingly, you don't survive as a person when it separates from your body. Instead, it returns to its home, a larger mass of energy.

If the idea is correct, your personality is the construct of your ego, which dies with your body. The consciousness you were born with, untainted by experiences, holds no traces of who you think you are, such as your love of curry or fast cars. Of course, feel free to think about the idea and change it to fit your view of what might be real since no one knows the truth.

Humans are computer generated

People, and the world and everything in it, might be part of an elaborate computer system. In which case life is created by advanced beings from a different planet —the mind boggles. Why humans are here, if this is the correct theory about reality, can only be deliberated. However, if you're computer generated, you can be destroyed by whoever created you. On such an occasion, your life won't continue —there again; you might be saved on a memory stick.

Do you think an afterlife exists? Even after examining several theories on the subject, you're probably unsure. Maybe, an answer will arise during your lifetime. Until then, you've plenty to consider.

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